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Unsightly and bulging veins are a common problem. Apart from their appearance, they can also cause a dull ache and may cause your legs to feel heavy and uncomfortable, typically at the end of the day. In severe cases, they may cause deep pigmentation around the ankle region and progress to ulceration. Treatment options vary from simple injections, thermal ablation to open surgery. Your treatment will be tailored to your symptoms and the anatomical involvement of your veins. Mr Sharma will discuss these options with you during your consultation


Restriction of blood supply to the legs as a result of furring up of the arteries can cause symptoms of pain on walking. In severe cases this may progress to pain at rest or the development of ulcers. The disease process that affects the leg arteries is the same that causes heart attacks and strokes. It tends to affect men more often than women and has a strong link with smoking. Treatment for this condition involves lifestyle changes and in some cases surgical correction either in the form of an angioplasty (stretching of the artery with a balloon), placement of a stent or open surgery in the form of a bypass operation (using either your own vein or a fabric tube)

Excessive Perspiration

Up to 3% of people in the UK suffer from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). This commonly affects the armpits, palms, soles,face and groin areas. The condition usually starts after puberty and may lead to a reduced quality of life. A simple day case procedure of botox injection can alleviate this often embarrassing condition. Some patients may require a bigger procedure (thoracoscopic sympathectomy) to help reduce their symptoms

Stroke Prevention

Patients who have had a stroke remain at a higher risk of developing another stroke. 80% of all strokes happen as a consequence of the brain being starved of oxygen due to a sudden restriction of blood supply. Patients with a significant restriction in the arteries supplying the brain at the front of the neck may benefit from an operation to clear these arteries and reduce their risk of a further stroke in the future.

Dialysis Access Surgery

Over 2 million people in the world are on dialysis. This is a procedure used to take on the workload of your kidneys that may have stopped functioning. Dialysis requires access to your blood vessels up to 3 times a week. This can be achieved through plastic tubes but a small procedure to create a connection between your veins and arteries is preferable as it reduces your risk of developing infections. Mr Sharma performs these procedures and will guide you through the process

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